My Purpose 


Part one was written on 19 June 2015

Just as a lot of people are looking for life purpose .. What is my life purpose .. After so many years , I realized tt life purpose does not drop some the sky. Suddenly one day when u are awake you know what is your life purpose . Now I feel that life purpose is something that your give meaning to . Because your feel that this career or biz or job is meaningful , u decide to give it a purpose . This is how I define life purpose . I know that one of my weakness is lack of focus . I have many many different ideals to make money . Many ideal on biz . But never did I really go do . Because I have my insurance biz which I feel is meaningful. I have not truly focus on this biz becos , this career have still not given me the money that I wan . When ever reading my tarot . Recently four of cups always out . This cup mean , count your blessing now . Focus on the present things tt I have no . Dun look outside for other solution . Somehow enlighten me abit. And I am still learning to control myself.  I wan to focus in my career , to expand . Tarot ask me to go deeper den material gain which I still trying to figure out . Because now , the basic money I still don’t have . I need this basic first in order to go to the deeper level of needs . I need to have money first in order to find deeper meaning . Growth is important . I agree that I am not a saint which can survive without money. In this material world , everything is money , I have to provide for my family , I still have to eat , transport , all these all need money . I can use the money that I earn for better use . To help people, make my family happier . This is a realistic world , althought my parents dun say give them a lot of money , frankly speaking , any family member who give money , the eyes are all brighten . This is the world . Money make people happy . But only for a while . I feel that for family member you have to provide things that money can’t buy, eg, love , care and concern , listening ear, quality time together , giving , cooking for them . Den money will be a bonus to increase the happy to next level . The level where they think they have a good awesome life 幸福生活. Money is the catalyst to enhance life . To improve . I tried to think deeper , apart from those material , supercritical things , but as daily events keep pulling me back to thinking about money . Can. I change this thought or focus , I think can. I am still learning . Hope universe will send me signs to guide me regarding all these temption and challenges in my life .

Thank you Universe , With Love , Alicecbn
Part two was written on 16 sept 2015 ( tarot temperance) 
Based on the above written journal on 19 June 2015 for finding my purpose . Thanks you Universe for sending my signs and guidance . I have found my purpose in life.

Few months ago , things are blurred . I can saw clearer now , I am not sure whether this is the result of mediation of me clearing my mind and thoughts. I slowly slowly know what I want to do for my life here . To live a meaningful and useful life in this earth. I doing things different now . Better at managing my money now . I have access that I want to give to people in the third world country . I feel especially emotion to help kids from the Africa part . Even a few dollars can help them to have food on the table . Kids in Africa are suffering and people in the first and second world people are going for material things . Cafe, desinger bags, holiday, good food etc. a few thousand dollar bag can be their whole life food on the table , and life time of education . We are a blessed to have live in the first world country like singapore . Pls count your blessing and appreciate the things and people Around . This is the cause that I CHOOSE to help with the money that I earn . My insurance biz is a meaningful career . It’s also linking to giving hope to people when in crisis and when everything is dark and seem hopeless . I want to give hope with everyone I touch to give them HOPE for a better future , a better world. Now I have access , I give some of my money to charity to help kids in the third world country . I hope that Universe , you can give me the power , money , love , abundance in life . So that I can use my wealth wiser to help the poor people in other parts of the world , to rise awareness to fortunate people to use their wealth in a more meaningful ways. 
Thank you Universe,
Love & Light 


Using one candle to light the next candle and the next candle light the next candle . Light the world , light the soul , light the path, light the future . Everyone is lightworker. 


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