Discovery of Twin Flame

Recently I have come across a lot of information on Twin flame (Twin flame stages, twin flame seperation etc) mostly frequently is the twin flame separation. I am no sure if universe is sending me signs that I am going through a twin flame stage and I already found my twin flame. So I went online and do reseach. What I discover is sort of link to my experience of my love journey with my ex lover , who I decided to remain as friends even the relationship we had is awesome. 

I related my love experience to the Twin flame stages from my understanding . 

Stage 1 : Start of the First meeting 

Me and my ex lover are collegue for 5 years. During that 5 years both of us are in a relationship. We are friends and nothing more . I always tease him that I will never fall in love for this kind of guy. He is really not my cup of tea. I prefer sensitive new age guy and he is the complete opposite, masculine and totally no dress sense.

Universe brought us together, and we sort of like switching partner to make the story cut short. He broke up with his girlfriend , and his girlfriend came looking for my boyfriend for a listening ear. They have feeling for each other as time goes by. Back then I have a lot of trust. Everything is like being plotted nicely , every action and path , is like universe is planning all these all the time. How 4 people with different school , education and background join the same company. How universe perform his power is amazing. This is where I start really believe that everything happened for a reason and our life here is plotted , and I start to discover my spiritual journey. 

Events that happened and lead me leaving my boyfriend and be with my twin. It’s already been planned by the universe . I seen vision of my twin wearing a gold wedding band on his left hand (a millisecond ), that’s when I know that he is “The One”. Universe planned , and bring us together. Logically , me and my twin’s path will never be crossed if all the events did not happened. 

Stage 2: Blissful and confused relationship 

Every moment being together with him is blessed , love, happy . A relationship that is awesome. Although, both of us is not prefect , we accept each other for who we are. In the beginning , he decided that we should keep this private . He kept our relationship from his family and friends and our company. I kept my relationship private to my company, my parents and friends know abt my relationship but I never introduce him to them in person. Because I am happy with him, during the time I only enjoy the moment. As long as I happy now , the future does not matter anyway. Time flies , I start to wake up to reality that my bio clock is ticking, I am 32 , I need to get married soon. I want more , I want assurance , commitment and security. 3 blissful years , a little doubting. I pressed him for commitment , but still no assurance. I confused , how can a relationship be happy and the guy do not want to commit. I start to doubt his feeling and our relationship logically. I can feel that he also love me , but there is something that is preventing us from going further. I don’t have the courage to leave him . Because I do not understand why I need to leave a happy relationship ever when I don’t have a relationship status with him, that matter abit but I don’t think it’s that important. Everytime,  I chose happy relationship over a relationship status .

I am always the chaser , chasing after for his commitment and assurance , forcing him to open our relationship to his friends and family. He just keep avoiding , keep running away from this issue. 

Stage 3 : The seperation 

Once again , I will never decided to leave him if these events have not happened. Events that Universe had planned for me again. And In my heart I know that it’s time to leave. To comfirm what universe want me to do. I seek advice from my tarot reading . Asking the universe should I leave him? Guess what , my answer is YES. Actually , there a few time through my tarot that universe want me to leave him. But I never have the courage to leave a happy relationship.

This time I no longer want to be the chaser anymore. I decided to stop chasing him For commitment and I Left him. At first I thought that it will be a very painful breakup. But now , I feel peaceful , calm and grow up. I realized that I am whole with or without him. I can proudly say that I no longer need someone to be my source of happiness. Because happiness is found within. Outside source happiness can only be temporary . This is that lesson I learned. 

I read somewhere that the seperation is meant for the both twin to learn lessons in this lifetime. Once both twin complete every lesson through their many lifetimes. This will lead to a reunion stage .

Stage 4 : The Reunion

Although I have no experience of this stage. I believe this is a very powerful reunion. A reunion which will bring betterment of the society and the world or people around the Union twin . Together , the twin flame give light and love to the world and people around. Both twin have achieve wholeness as individual, love and happiness from within as they no longer looking for happiness outside. The reaching of enlightenment of both twin. The power of unconditional love is achieved here . 

Hope that some of my experience can help some people who are seeking for some answer . This are all base on my understanding through my experience and what I research online .

Thank you Universe 

Love & Light




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