Unconditional Love

What is unconditional love ?

Online defination :

Unconditional love is known as affection without any limitations, it can also be love without conditions. This term is sometimes associated with other terms such as true altruism, or complete love.

My defination :

Love without expectation 

To me loving unconditional is a very high form of Love. Loving without expecting is challenging . How many people in this world really can love unconditionally ? Very few. Giving , sacrifice , loving without expecting ANYTHING in return , I feel that only those people who is noble and goddess have this kind of love.

Now , I still can’t imagine myself going into a relationship not expecting any return/reciprocity or outcome (eg: marriage , commitment , next level of relationship etc) . I agreed that I am still a shallow person, I am still learning and growing everyday. Are you the same as me ? I need some form of validation , assurance to make me feel secure and confidence abt where my future or relationship is going. Sometime I tell myself if after 5 years me and my ex lover are not together , I will not regret my decision. I doubt about it and in the end I decided to leave that relationship because I am not willingly to face the fear and the pain of the unknown future that we might not be together. I know I cannot handle all these because I am still not ready , in term of giving unconditional Love. 

Sometime , a woman who is in a abusive relationship thought that she is giving unconditional love by staying with their abusive partner. A relationship which is not working or not going anywhere or not happy. Just ask your self.

” Do I expect anything from this relationship ? “
If your answer is “Yes” . This is not unconditional love , this is conditional Love.

Example :
1) woman in a abusive relationship, hope one day the partner will change , become a good person .

2) hoping your unromantic lover to do romantic stuff for you

3) hoping that your lover of 3 years will propose to you soon 

All these are expectations . 

Unconditional love is ………

1) Love the person for who he/she is 

2) Giving without expecting any form of return 

3) Respect his/her decision even u are unhappy , but he/she is happy 

4) Put his/her happiness above yours

The person who can fully give unconditional love is someone whose inner self is full of love , peace and happiness. Only when u found this unconditional love within yourself , then you can extend this unconditional love to the world without. It’s takes a lot of time , effort , courage, soul searching , inner self discovery to love ourselves as who we are unconditionally. 

This separation period with my ex lover, really make me think about unconditional love. Recently I always ask myself….

1) “Can I give unconditional love to him or this relationship? ”

2) “Can I not expecting anything in return ?”

3) “will I be happy for my decision if things do not work out between us after I past my marriage and child bearing stages just to be with him ?”

My answer is a “NO” for all. 

I am still living in a conditional love. I hope I will enlighten one day and move into unconditional love. 

Universe , Pls give me the courage and power to be able to face the uncertainly in life with love and happiness.

Thank you Universe

Love & Light 


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