Devil or Angel 

I believe that life is about growing and improving of self . Due to our material world, people are chasing after material desire and lose track on their inner values and morals.

Are you one of them? 

Althought technology , medical , science etc are advancing at an alarming rate. But we, human , have degraded. We are no longer the wise loving man that we use to be few thousand years ago. We are blinded by greed, hatred, jealousy, ignorance , power etc. The craving of desire for more things in life makes us believing that we are advancing and richer. However, we are degrading in term of wisdom , love , compassion ,virtue , caring etc. We no longer trust people , always thinking whether they are out to make our money . In this current world , we no longer know who is really true to our well being or just want to make the money out of us. Human are so good at masking their intention now. I feel sad. 

This make me realized that life is about cultivating inner self. Empowerment on Loving kindness and sharing the love and wisdom.

To know whether you are improving or degrading in your life, ask yourself the following questions :

Is your inner self becoming more of a devil or angel ?

Are you a better version of yourself today than last year , in term of inner self ?

People will ask me  “What is inner self ?”

My explanation : Inner self is the true you , real you or your soul . Understanding your inner self is a never ending process. Most often we are feeding our inner self with ego. Ego control us most of the time . Our emotions, action and decisions are all controlled by our ego self. 

We consciously feed our soul with ego , neglecting to feed our soul with love. 

Traits of devil : hatred,anger, jealousy, greed, immoral, ill thoughts etc

Traits of angel : loving, compassion , kindness , sharing , empathy etc

It’s easy to gauge whether you are improving or degrading in your inner self. By being aware of what your thoughts are most of the time , you will know whether is your inner self is showing more of the devil traits or the angel traits. 

Some people are very good at sugar wrapping their bad intentions. They can have bad intention to you at the back of their mind , but they still can smile and be very helpful to you. Backstabber is one of them . They think that it is their character , actually it is their ego that took over them. They have to search deeper , to understand their inner self if they really want to change for the better .

For me , I started being aware of my thoughts. I try to be aware most of the time. I am still a novice , so I am still learning . Anyway life is a long term learning process. If you stop learning, u stop growing and you will degrade. I do meditation for awareness of my thoughts , clearer thinking. I recently read a Buddha book saying meditation actually will reduce our ego. When we reduce feeding our soul with ego and replace it with loving kindness through meditation. We will automatically move more towards the angel gauge and strive to be the best version of ourself .

Maybe next time I will talk more about my experience on meditation . I benefited from meditation , so can you. 

Thank you Universe

Love & Light



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