Going with the flow

As you all know I am a person who follow my heart and go with the flow from my previous writing. I have been reading on Buddha’s teaching recently and this is lead from a friend who have always been my guide when I have some unanswered question. I am a lucky person who is surround by people with wisdom .

Today I shall talk about my experience with going with the flow. A lot of people thought that going with the flow mean doing nothing . To me going with the flow is more on how u decide to react to the challenges throw to u when you are going with the flow of your life . I am a person who takes on whatever challenges universe throw at me unwillingly, but I always will blamed ‘heaven ‘ and say ‘Why me ????’ . In the past, I will be depressed with my suitation , I will resist every challenges throw at me . I don’t believe I have to leave it to fate because I am the one who control my destiny. 

After I started reading buddha’s teachings , I realized that every challenges throw to us , is a lesson to make us become the better version of ourselves. Because this year have been a very tough year for me , i had learn and grow a lot from all the challenges universe throw to me which lead me to today and lead me to buddha’s teachings for more clarifications in regarding human life . 

I read from a website saying ‘Whatever RESISIT, will PRESIST.’ All these years I have been resisting my challenges , I did not willingly accept all the challenges that come to me , I complained, I nagged, I blamed , I emotional. I realized that the more I resist , the tougher my challenges throw at me. At times , I am on the verge of losing my emotional. 

All these years, I have been swimming against the current in my life’s flow. I am not going with the flow , which I always thought I am. When you realized that your challenges keep getting tougher and tougher and life doesn’t seem to improve and your emotional is in a messy . This is a sign that you are going against your flow .

I am still learning to go with the flow , when challenges are throw to me now , I will be sad, angry, depressed but now I react better, I do not hold on to all these negative thoughts. The next day , I am back to my happy self again.

Through practising meditation and understanding the life, I am more in flow. When you are going with the flow , things go smoothly and in hamony. Sometimes , there will be some bumps along the way of going with the flow ,once you encounter the bump, learn from the experience and next time you can navigate around the bump. This is life lesson experience for us to become a better person. 

Most important is …..





Thank you Universe for the enlightenment 
Love & Light



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