Detachment vs Attachment 

In our life , we human are attached to a lot of things .

Some of our common attachments :

1) Money – ” I need money in order to do this ,this and this ” ( being to attached to what money can do or buy ) 

2) Power – ” I want all the people to be at my control ” ( being too attached to wanting everything to go his/her way ) 

3) Status – ” I want to achieve this, this and this ” ( being too attached to the name and achievement , the next level of relationship eg. Marriage , husband and wife status , relationship status )

4) Material things – ” I want to buy this , this and this ”  ( being too attached to possession , keep buying or keeping things to feel good ) 

5) People – ” I want them to like me, I need them ” ( being too attached to what people may say about him/her )

6) Love – ” I want him to love me back “ ( being too attached to love, that she did not saw a more better potential husband)

7) Happiness – ” I only want happy times to be in my life “. ( being too attached to happiness that one forgot that unhappy times is a learning and growing process

Most often, our life is burden with attachment , we feel heavier , as we grow older there are more and more things and people we are attached to. 

Are we really happier when we attached ourselves with all these things ? 

I recently read a book , this book is a sort of a guide book to guide new monk , understand why they practise what they practise and be discipline . It is written by a very famous monk in Thailand “Food for the Heart by venerable Ajahn Chah”

There is a passage where I came across saying something same meaning as this :

When in good times , happy times , things are must easier to do and following and we are willing to do when things are going in our way. When in bad times , we don’t even feel like doing anything. This is a attachment to happiness and emotion . Because in life no matter it is good or bad times we still need to do the things that we are suppose to do. 

It’s easier to say then done . We are not Saint . I believe that once we detached ourselves with all these burden , we will be free to grow and become the best version of ourself . That’s the reason why monk have very few possessions . 

More Possessions -more attachment – more suffering = heavier 

How can we really fly and free ourselves with all these attachments ?

Because once someone have something , most of the time people are too attached to the things they have , no matter is money, career, power or relationship . We are so afraid of losing these possessions that we own that we already dont know that it is affecting us in a bad way.

This link back to letting go and going with the flow of the universe. Faith is an important part where I just have to believe that no matter is good or bad time as long as I never give up on myself . I will always be the better version of myself than yesterday. Seeing past all these attachments let me let go of things that are not working to be the betterment of myself.

I am ligther when I detached these possessions, this is when I will fly high . 

We are in a world that condition us that attachment is good for us . Make us a better person , more successful person , richer person .


Ask yourself this question when you are alone. 

I end my journal here . Have fun and enjoy the flow of the miracles that the universe prepare for us . Thank you Universe .

Love & Light



5 years from now : Who am I


For my own reference , I am writing this article so that I know what is in my mind  , my planning , my goals for now . 

What kind of person will I be 5 years later ?

What kind of lifestyle I am living ?

Who will I be with ?

Visualisating of me 5 years later ………

I am a happy woman having passive income of $10,000 monthly , a beautiful mom with happy kids . Successful business woman with a happy family . A successful husband who adore and love me. A husband who I can look up to and feel secure under his wings . I have a lot of free time for my kids and family . Wise woman . Teaching people baking at the comfort of my house . Having a successful online business. Doing charity and giving back to the sociaty . Healthy . Have passive income . I am doing what I love . Passion . Property for rental or for my cooking studio . Awesome cook for my family . Loving . Peaceful . Using my time to nuture my kids. Insurance business prosper through referrals. Word of mouth . Mdrt . Working only 3 days per week . Insurance business is easy. People come to me for insurance advise. I am matured , wise . Woman with wisdom. Light people life . 

Current goals

1) buy house for investment 

2) master skill of baking so that I can teach in future 

3) online business 

Althought the full picture of my 5 years ME is still not very clear right now . I believe as I flow with my life . Universe will reveal the puzzles pieces by pieces . For now ………

HOPE for a bright future 

LOVE what you are doing 

FAITH in the process that everything will turn out awesome in the end 

Thank you Universe

Love & Light