5 years from now : Who am I


For my own reference , I am writing this article so that I know what is in my mind  , my planning , my goals for now . 

What kind of person will I be 5 years later ?

What kind of lifestyle I am living ?

Who will I be with ?

Visualisating of me 5 years later ………

I am a happy woman having passive income of $10,000 monthly , a beautiful mom with happy kids . Successful business woman with a happy family . A successful husband who adore and love me. A husband who I can look up to and feel secure under his wings . I have a lot of free time for my kids and family . Wise woman . Teaching people baking at the comfort of my house . Having a successful online business. Doing charity and giving back to the sociaty . Healthy . Have passive income . I am doing what I love . Passion . Property for rental or for my cooking studio . Awesome cook for my family . Loving . Peaceful . Using my time to nuture my kids. Insurance business prosper through referrals. Word of mouth . Mdrt . Working only 3 days per week . Insurance business is easy. People come to me for insurance advise. I am matured , wise . Woman with wisdom. Light people life . 

Current goals

1) buy house for investment 

2) master skill of baking so that I can teach in future 

3) online business 

Althought the full picture of my 5 years ME is still not very clear right now . I believe as I flow with my life . Universe will reveal the puzzles pieces by pieces . For now ………

HOPE for a bright future 

LOVE what you are doing 

FAITH in the process that everything will turn out awesome in the end 

Thank you Universe

Love & Light


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