When she’s in her well and he’s in his cave 


Ok !!! Officially I am going into my well. 

For those for did not read ” Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus ” by Dr John Gray

Me going into my well means I am very emotional right now  and I am going into an emotional cycle. 

You all must be asking why?!!!? Few days ago I was saying “Woman , pls go enjoy yourself when your man go into the cave” that time I am sure i am still in a good mood. 

How come now I am going into my well or hitting my emotional rock bottom?

My mom was admitted into the hospital yesterday, but she discharge today. Anyway I am still sad , I don’t feel happy. This week have been quite stressful for me .But I already trying very hard to control myself . Worst still, my stupid man went into the cave !!!! I feel so lonely. What I need most now is for him to be by my side now and just give me a kiss or a hug. That’s enough , no need to give me so many reasonable , logical and realistic talks to counter my FEELINGS. But his reaction is still cold . Cold as in , logical answering and question of my Mom condition , telling me there is nothing serious , don’t worry , it’s a small issue .

Hello , I need you now !!!! That’s what I am thinking .Anyway , I know he can’t give me what I need now . He is in his cave now . 95% is all focus on his work and money making . He only can give me 5% of his attention right now . Which seriously , I told him I hate it when he can only give me 5% right now, when I need him most. He also realised that he been cold to me and he apologised. 

So I went back to read the book again and I found a paragraph talking about when the well and the cave clashes with each other  . What we can do , so that not to make the relationship worst. 

This book was saying leave the man alone and we, woman go find other people to talk .eg, our girlfriends , siblings, best friends , good friends  etc .

Ho Ho Ho ……. Seriously !!!! This is the hardest advice to follow. I need my man when I am utterly sad , and he can’t even put down his stupid money making and work issue to meet me awhile for a hug or some comfort. He can’t even come out of his cave !!!!! Is this “Love” ? I frequently ask myself these few days. Am I less important than his work ??? I am so so pissed, tired , sad when I thought of all these!!!!!! 

Anyway , I still leave him alone in his cave. I wanted to pull him out ,scold him , bite him. I know that he can’t give me love right now. Both of us can’t give each other anything right now . If I force him to meet me , I think we will end up feeling even worst. So I arrange shopping with my bestie tomorrow. Hoping to feel better . 

Being empty now as a woman . I need feminine energy to replenish my feminine energy. My man don’t have the means to give me anymore love right now . I need to look for my girlfriends for all the love that I need. Actually it’s good that woman have different kind of group to support her emotionally. When her man is unavailable for her feeling , she can look for her friends for support . Especially woman , we need feminine energy , so it is good that we have a few good girlfriends with us . 

Forget about the stupid man and go have a great time !!!!!! 

I am telling myself that when he is out of the cave , I am going to make him go through a lesson which I design on understanding the man and woman way of thinking , giving and recieving . We are so so different . Most of the time we miscommunicate . 

Topics I will be covering with him 

1) How different gender give/receive love 

2) Different gender love language 

3) How different gender care for each other 

4) How different gender feel love 

5) How to give support to each other during hard times 

I shall end my journal here. Have an awesome weekend !!!!

Thank You Universe for giving me a tough life , I know you love me . But pls pls give me my sweet moments . 

Love & Light



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