Life doesn’t go your way

I just read an article talking about it is better for woman to get married early, have kids and have career later. I have found that this is quite a trend in Singapore lately that I saw a lot of young lady with adorable baby .
 I do envy them and I do not deny .

When i was a young lady, my friends and I will casually discuss when we want to get married and have kids.  I told my Friend that I want to get married at 26 and have kids before 30 years old. But life doesn’t always go our way. I am 33 years old now , Friends who we had discussed about this topic are married and have kids . Only left a few of us who are still not married.

Do I feel the pressure to get married ?   Yes , I do feel the pressure . But I let it as it is. 

I am a very strong believer of going with the flow. Maybe for some woman at age 33 years old , they might be panicking looking for a man to get married and have kids. I do go pass this phases last year when I force my man to get married. And we separated for a month because of this issue . I am lucky to have met people who advice me that don’t get married because ‘it’s time’ ( I have one journal written about this ) and peer pressure . 

Getting married and have kids is a very big life COMMITMENT. Pls get married because you found a man who is reliable ,trustworthy , Husband and Father material  , someone who love you and will walk with you till the end of the path. Not just settle for a man who will want to married you and have kids. 

Pls ask yourself this question before anyone go into this life commitment. 

1) I marry him/her because I love him/her ?


2)It is time to settle and start a family ? 

If it is because it is time to settle and start a family , BUT I don’t love him/her . This is going to be a real social issue in the future . 

If this is becoming a current trend , I really feel sad for the kids . They are just a by product for another ego booster. 

If ever this thought come to your mind 

“All my friends are married and have kids , I also want !!!”

It’s the same ego who say ” I want this because my Friend have!!!

This is your ego talking . Pls do not listen to it. 

 Listen to your heart !!!! 

Most of the time things just does not planned out the way . Pls do not fall into the ego trap . It is controlling our life . Do not be angry with yourself that things don’t go your way. Love yourself .  Universe have better path for us to walk ; A beautiful and fulfilling path. Just have faith. 
I shall end my journal here . 

Thank you for taking time to read my journal . Really appreciate !!!! 😘

Thank you Universe for creating a beautiful and fulfilling path ahead 

Love & Light 



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