Why Law of Attraction is not working correctly ?

This is just one of my view on why LOA ( Law OF Attraction) does not works correctly for me. I recently have been reading Eckhart Tolle “The Power of NowThis book is abit on a higher level for me because my English is quite lousy. So I have to read it more than one time to understand better. 

What capture my attention when I read this book is the following :

1) The mind is addictive , self destruction , controlling , enemy 

2) Most of the people are in the state of unconscious 

3) To achieve conscious , we have to clear our mind of all the thoughts – inner silent 

When I read the first few chapters , it’s about how our mind control us . It’s a very refreshing theory for me . Because I had read a lot of books about using our mind to achieve success and result . 

The most common theory of using our mind is Law of Attraction – visualize . You visualize the goal or end result that you want to achieve with total faith and one day you will attract the situation or people to help you achieve your goal . 

The Universe will conspire in helping you to achieve it” from The Alchemist by Paul Coelho” (Awesome book , I love it ) 

This is why LOA doesn’t work for me CORRECTLY !!!! 

I mean CORRECTLY is  LOA do work for me . BUT I attracted the bad and good things in my life also . ( Aside from some of the bad things that happened to us is our life lessons , lesson we have to learn this lifetime) 

REALLY !!! Sometime I really say to myself why my mind  is so powerful , Everything also attract . I do realised that as Long as I do not control my mind , I can’t control the things or event that I want to attract into my life .

Because my mind have a lot of chattering going on every second . My mind is not clear , it is very noisy . Of course LOA doesn’t work correctly . I can’t say it doesn’t really work . Because it work to attract the bad things also . No matter it is good or bad . There is so much cluttering , worry , fear going on. Having all these cluttering will only lower my vibrating frequency. With lower vibrating frequency equal to attract unpleasant events. 

Actually I do realised that if I can’t fully focus , LOA doesn’t work . Fully focus on your goals doesn’t mean every second and every moment you think and visualize your goal ( It does not work for me ) so I found out that when we thought we are fully focus , actually we are not !!! Confusing right . I am also confuse , until I read this book and got my answer .

We are control by our mind. Our mind love to create limitation , fear , worry from the past experiences. Our daily life is so cluttered with good/bad thoughts every moments and it is limiting us from connecting to the universe ( The higher vibrating frequency) . With higher vibrating frequency , we attract good things or event into our life. 

There is also another view for LOA not working correctly . The universe receive every signals that we sent . It doesn’t know what is good or bad . It just make it happened because our mind portray it . In order to not anyhow send any signal to the universe , it is better to control our thoughts first . So that we don’t send bad thoughts to the universe also . 

 I believe that in order to connect to the higher vibrating frequency (Universe) , we have to clear our mind . I don’t really know how to explain on clearing our mind , you can read the book for more insight . For me I just do my daily meditation. 

I am still learning to grow my inner strength , most of the time I just lost in my unconscious and controlled by my mind. 

I hope you all do understand what I am trying to say . Sorry that my English is limited . 

Thank you for reading my journal on my point of view. Really appreciate and grateful ❤️

Thank you Universe  !!!!

Love & Light



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