The EGO Story

Recently I have been re-reading ‘The Power of Now ‘ from Eckhart Tolle

My journal here will document every thoughts and feelings that came across my mind.

Hear my story about ‘The EGO‘:

EGO is a defensive, scary ,controlling little Monster .

EGO likes problems, conflict , enemies and drama in it’s life.

EGO cannot surivie without drama in its life .

EGO love to create drama for fun and is an attention seeker.

EGO fear Peace 

EGO and Peace cannot co-exist 

Peace is gentle ,loving , free , happy little Angel 

Peace love harmony,peaceful and happiness in its life .

Whenever Peace is here to visit EGO, EGO will create a lot of problem and trouble for Peace just to get rid of Peace , so that Peace will go away. Normally Peace will go away . EGO is so afraid of Peace taking away its territory . In order to protect EGO’s territory, So EGO also very hardworking , EGO create more drama , more problem , more conflict just to protect itself. This threaten EGO sense of self . But Peace never give up , Peace always use loving kindness in return . Until one day EGO will know that this is not where it should belong and leave . 

Just a little story I created using my experience on my own ego.  I realized that whenever I want Peace in my life . Unconsciously I myself will create problem and conflict in my life. After reading ‘The power of Now’ . I found out that actually my ego is defending itself from disappearing . We are condition since young and this world is build on EGO. We hold on to our ego like it is us . But in actual facts, the Ego does not represent us . Without Ego, we will be a better person. I am still learning to be at peace with myself through meditation and be conscious whenever I can . 

Thanks for reading , I know my English is not good . I hope you do understand what i am trying to say.

Thank you Universe for all the knowledge

Love & Light 



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