The Right OneĀ 

Whenever people around me is getting married , I will always curiously ask them a question 

” How you know that he/she is the right one ? “

For years , I never came across any answer that really leave an impression on my mind on what is really the right one . Until these recent years since 2012 when I broke up with my emotional abused ex Boyfriend and go into a new relationship with my current unexpected loving awesome man . I realised that there is really a huge different on who you are in a relationship with . The energy of the person will influence you to become either a better or worse person . 

What I realised is that when we are in a “Not So Good” relationship , we tend to blind or deceive ourselves that we are in a good relationship. But our family and friends who love us will see the change in us . These people see more clearly as in are we becoming a best version of ourselves or worse version of ourselves. 

Some of my Friends or family members will say , I think you have changed . I remembered I once hear this in the past , but I just ignore what people say to me. Cos I THOUGHT that I am doing fine. In actual fact , I am not . Only when I truly walked out of my abusive relationship then I realised I am in such a shitty state . I have written my Emotional Abuse Relationship HERE

For me , I feel that The Right One might not be the one you will married . Because sometime there is no fate and there are still existing Karma which the person need to cleared in the lifetime. Two person who love each other due to certain reason can’t be together. 

 The Right One will make you want to become a best version of yourself without even requesting any changes from you. There is this automatic feeling that I want to be a better person. 

I want to be the best version of myself in my this lifetime .

This person will make you shine from within . This person will make you become a better person effortlessly.

I am not sure do you all came across any relationship where you or your Other half wanted to change some of your habits, appearance or character because they don’t like. Because they want you to become the person they want. They will find all sorts of ways just to change you . I feel that this kind of person is selfish . But including me , I also have this thought sometimes. But I am quite conscious of my thoughts now , so normally I will just let this thought passed by . Don’t Trust your mind !!! ( I will talk more about The Mind next time) or you can click HERE for a little story I created about our mind 

I do realised that I have change a lot after my breakup (after 2012) and my family members and friends did say I look better now and they can see that my career , finance and life are better now. The most big change is my temper are milder now. I am calmer now. Most importantly , I am happier now !!!! Because when I was in the previous relationship , all I handle was my ex anger , every week I have to handle his anger issue . This is depleting and tiring . 

I am so glad I walked out of my previous relationship issue , but I am still on my journey of inner healing and discovery. 

I hope you found your “Right One” . The person who will make you become the best version of yourself .

Thanks for reading my journal šŸ˜˜ have a good weekend !!!!

Thanks universe for the love 

Love & Light