Bullshit System in the corporate world

Let say recently my company just introduce a stupid system to make sure that people are doing the right thing for their job. So that customer will not be cheated by buying the wrong product. This system is build because of a small handful of people who misused the trust of their client . Because of this system , it is making my career process more complicated than the passed 10 years. 

Processes were simple in the past. Now because of this stupid system , All my manager think is to cover her backside so that she can keep her job. In the event , she makes things difficult for her agents. 

For this whole year, because of this bullshit system , I am very unhappy in my career . My company become more production driven , instead of a people business. Now is all about numbers. Managers attend training to learn what is the correct way to write our proposal and recommendation to your client . There is a protocol to follow as in how to write this proposal. It’s no Longer flexible and no longer people business .

Because of the system , a simple proposal became a complicated and intrigue proposal that confuse client and agent JUST to cover the backside of management people. The management people do not fight for us to say that this system is ridiculous, they just abide by the new rules. 

I am so sick and disgusted in this company that I wanted to quit my career . But I cannot leave all my beloved clients to all these bullshit management people hands . The so called ‘Management People’ they only think about themselves, call themselves leader . They are just a brunch of cowards who don’t fight for the rights of their staffs. 

In the past , I alway thought that my group is like a family . As years go passed, my leader become more and more self centered. The worst is he do not know that he become like that. I drifted further away from him as years goes by. 

I love my this career, I love my client . But I am powerless, I am just a small , non productive agent . 

Should I stay to fight or just run off to have my happy ending ?

Will i be happy if I leave the career I love after 10 years of building ?

Will I be happy if I continue to stay in the stupid corporation ?

This year is the year where I cried that most regarding my career . 

I do not understand the implementation of system in human life .

Human are free thinking  entity, system are meant to control the behaviour and discipline of us human . Leaving us lack of Creative and feeling powerless. I feel that we human are becoming more and more robotic , systematic , more easily controlled . 

Do we really want to live in this world where no Creative can run wild and feel controlled?
I am certainly not the one who will be control by anybody .

I just need Strength to fight for what I believe and love .

I shall end my journal here .Thanks for being a reading eyes . I really appreciate for those of you who takes times to read my journal .

Thank you , Universe for the Strength .

Love & Light 



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