Ego talking

I can say that I find it quite hard to have faith ad trust the Universe when my situation is not ‘Good’ . I am a human , if I don’t see result in the world without , I will be sad and resistance to life. 
This is a very common habit of mine . When I think back , when ever my life is hard or there is financial difficulty . I always tell myself , you have to do something about this situation. There is always something to do . But whenever I start to really do something , I do not see any result. Funny enough , my result come in when I am not trying to do something to get out of a situation I deem as bad . Is this doing , suggested by the ego? I think it is our ego talking. 

Learning to accept wherever situation is the hardest thing we have to learn and learning to not blindly follow what our ego tell us to do is even hardest. Most of the time I just somehow relate to what my mind is saying as all truth , because I THINK THAT my mind is ME . I can say that actually my situation is not those ‘bad’ kind of situation where by it is life/death or I am in extreme depression because of this. I think my situation is deem bad by the ego because it is not of value to the outer world . Example “making money” , “being successful” , “buying stuff” etc 

My ego is telling me :

“Hey , you are not successful and you make no money , I want a life with full of wealth  !!! Pls go do something about it so that I can enjoy this kind of life !!!” 

Most of the time I will just do something about it . Become more hardworking , go office more early , meet more people . For years , I see no result . I have been doing this to fulfill my ego of a rich life that my ego wanted !!! 

This is not what my soul wants . 

I just finished reading The new world by Eckhart Tolle . Awesome book ! I really love how he write in detail about the character of ego . Some of the topics are abit hard to understand . This book really bring more insight on the ego that I can relate to myself . 

I start to be more aware of the ego talking . And not trust what my mind tell me . From my own understanding of this book . Universe have a better plan for all of us , things will unfold as long as we accept the “WHAT IS” .

Now , I will continue have faith with the Universe and enjoy my life as it is .

Thanks for reading my journal 

Thanks Universe

Love & Light



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