Conflicting values with your career 

Now I know why I sucks in my insurance business . I just realised that this career is conflicting to my personal life value . I have been in this career for almost 10 years, I love getting to know different people from various jobs and background . I love to hear about their story and knowledge . Over the years in my insurance line , I have make a lot of friends . Client who became close Friends with me. I enjoy my career most of the time , but the one I did not enjoy is the selling part . I never know why until today . I realised that selling insurance is a fear based industry . Sorry , I am stupid to realised it until now . 

In insurance line ,

Insurance Agent inflict fear into the client for unforeseen situation which are bad . The instant result for action is fear . When people in fear , their immediate response is to react. To react is to buy an insurance policy to protect yourself and your family in event of any critical illness, death , loss of income etc. 

I am lousy at inflicting fear into my client , damn lousy. Most of the time I feel that there is something wrong with me that I cannot sell as much insurance than my peers . The hard part is not making enough money for my day to day basis . But I still enjoy meeting with people . I love all my clients. 

My values are Love, going with the flow, living in the now , enjoying every moment in life  and everything happened for a reason.  Fear is just an ego way to control our action. But I am in a fear based career . How can I change the fear based selling to love based selling insurance ?  Since century , people have been selling insurance in fear based … 

How insurance started from my knowledge , pardon me if I am wrong . The invention of insurance is to accumulate a sum of money for the family of the decease for their daily living . A group of good Friends come out of a ideal to give money in the event of the death of their good Friend. This is love . How come it became a business and become a fear based action . Because of the commission and fear is the fastest reaction .

Should I quit my job ?? 

Now I am thinking how I can turn fear to love . 

For now I do not have an answer . I am Glad that Universe answer part of my question I ask yesterday night 

Thank you Universe for the guidence .

Love & Light



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