dreaming of an old woman 

I had a dream many many years back … I think around 7 years back . 

I dreamed of an old woman who is waiting for a cab . While we were waiting , she talk to me . Below are the convesation .

Old woman : What job are you working as ?

Me : I am a Insurance Agent 

Old woman : Good ….. You will help a lot of people .

Then my cab came and I hop onto the cab and no knowing where to go .. 

Then I woke up .

I hold this dream close to me just like The boy in The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho . 

Most of the time , I am lost … Just like in my dream , where my cab is heading to nowhere . I am still lost now . But somehow universe have guided me this far with signs and synchronicity that I am on my right path. 

I believe in dream is the language of our higher self trying to communicate with us . Because a lot of people do not know how to decipher a dream that why they thought that dream are just dream as it is . 

I only just realised that maybe I am on my way to fulfilling my destiny just like THE BOY  . Anyone who had read The Alchemist will know that the boy set on a journey of finding a treasure because of the dream he had ..  His total faith in his dream is what makes him found his treasure (wealth) and the love of his life  (love) . 

I read The Alchemist a lot of time . Everytime there is new way of thinking on me . 

I am still thinking what the old woman meant by I will help a lot of people ? 

By selling insurance ?

By helping the people around me who I have touch their life .. Like my friends , clients , colleagues ?

Or maybe both .

I am still not sure . My Destiny is still a blur picture . I don’t know where I am going , I don’t known what or how  I need to do . I am still learning .

HAVE FAITH is the only thing I tell myself now . 

I shall end my journal here . 

Thank you Universe for having faith in me . Thank you people who spend you precious time reading my journal .

Love & Light 



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